About us


Our Story

We are an Antipodean Café, inspired by taste and good old-fashioned hospitality. Basket Brothers was originally established in Western Sydney by three friends, who aspired to create a basket filled with memories.

The idea was to create a unique experience for guests to have a nourishing meal filled with perfect flavour and warmth. We relished the idea of having a café culture that would bring people together. We formed a brotherhood, whereour values and passion aligned, creating The Basket Brothers.

With hard-driven aspirations, the family developed dramatically to create an art of foodgasm. Using the finest seasonal ingredients, Raj was inspired to create the finest mix of variety in our flavours and seasoning. While Chirag yearned to recreate a comfortable yet an unpretentious ambience. And, bringing his expertise in customer service, Arun aspired to create an experience where customers get the best of everything.

To create a warm and yet a blissful ambience, Raj worked closely with the Chefs to provide customers with a relishing fresh-food experience. At Basket Brothers, we strive to deliver a diversity of healthy options from personalising your lunches to freshly baked breads. Moreover, to create a translucent apotheosis of coffee, we partnered with Pablo & Rusty to create a rich coffee culture. From Trailblazer to Porter Street, we strive to offer a variety of mix, ranging in different strengths and flavours. We highly value a “good coffee” that can help you get through the chaos of the day.

After positive reviews and rave success, we also opened in the heart of Central Sydney, with a pristine location in Surry Hills. With an ambience, it is the perfect place for families, international travellers and friends to just SLURPPP on a hot coffee, or have a healthy personalised lunch. From sweet tooth toast to a green matcha latte, we believe in qualitative diversity, to truly help you explore your tastebuds and simple enjoy your day. At Basket Brothers we believe in creating a happy family culture with a passion to bring a smile on your face.


What Makes BB Family Special?


Measured beans for your perfect dose of caffeine


Freshly roasted Pablo & Rusty Coffee beans with a variety in flavour


“Work from café” with a coffee and free Wi-Fi


Highly Trained Barista Professionals and friendly staff


Customised Lunch Menu filled with healthy options


A tranquil, yet a vibrant ambience to enjoy your time.